Training on zinc thickness measurements by a device based on magnetic fields.


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2 (2)David Warichet is Senior Advisor Metal Coating and Treatment. He graduated as a Civil Engineer in chemical Process Science at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL – Belgium) in 1993.

David started his career as a researcher at the UCL. 20% of his time he worked at galvanizing plant Galvaco (Weert Groep) and Erachem Comilog.

In 1995 he became Process Engineer at GalvaPowerGroup nv, where he was responsible for the pre-study, the engineering (heat recovery, scrubber, purification systems), planning, construction and start-up of one of the most automatic & highest throughput hot dip galvanizing plants.

From 2000 till 2001, David worked as Research and Development Engineer for ZINQ and was promoted to R&D manager in 2001. He started-up the first 2 batch galvanizing plants worldwide being able to galvanize parts with Zn-5%Al in single dip (ICA Dendermonde Belgium and ICA Hagen Germany) galvanizing automotive parts of the stringent BMW automotive company.

As a researcher, David was granted with 3 patents on galvanization and 4 were applied for granting.
In 2013, he joined the company Deby SPRL where is working as advisor for customers such as Umicore S.A., SMS Siemag, ArcelorMittal and OCAS N.V., FIB Belgium S.A., Voest Alpine, Voigt & Schweitzer GmbH, Hendrickson Europe, METALogic N.V. . He is also lecturer at the University of Lille in France.